5 Benefits of using Wire Shelving for Hospital Storage

Storage, when it comes to hospital settings, can be varied. There are a lot of requirements when it comes to functionality. Alongside all the various kinds of medical equipment that need to be stored, is the added need for careful attention to be paid. This is because arrangement, as well as cleanliness, is key when it comes to storage in hospital settings.

This is why hospitals often search for the best solutions when it comes to storage. And one such option is investing in a wire shelving system. The kind of solutions hospitals loom for are those that are simple as well as versatile. The solution should also be clean as well as multi-purpose. And what checks all the boxes for these? The answer is Stat Tech wire shelving.

Why Are Wire Shelvings Ideal For Hospital Settings?

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Wire shelving perfectly suits the medical atmosphere. But what makes wire shelving ideal for hospital settings in the first place? This is because wire shelving provides a lot of benefits and helps in effective storage in hospitals and medical settings. If you’re looking for a storage solution that is multi-purpose, then wire shelving is what you need precisely.

These are the main benefits of using wire shelving in hospital settings:

1. Diverse Configuration Capabilities

In order to make wire shelving, basic construction methods are used. Shelves can often be constructed using beams of steel. These are used alongside positional markings that are incremental in order to create horizontal shelves that are sturdy. The shelves are then fortified with the help of a mesh pattern that’s designed to be strong. There are also support wires used to aid the construction process.

Since the construction process is simple, it’s possible to have wire shelving built according to your requirements. If you want wire shelving of a specific size for your storage, then you can ask for that. You can get separate wire shelving for your medical office, main room, storage rooms, and other areas. This means that there are diverse ways that you can have your wire shelving built and multiple ways that you can use it as well.

You can even think about getting wheels and even castors implemented to the shelving in order to improve mobility. Even within the hospital setting, there are diverse ways that wore shelving can be used.


2. Doubles As A Cold Storage


Wire shelving units tend to have better ventilation than many other kinds of storage systems. The mesh used in the wire shelving enables air to flow through the ventilation and around to all the separate levels. This means that this ventilated air will reach not just every storage container but also every bin.

However, keep in mind that condensation can build up alongside the wire shelving. This can be prevented with the help of cool air that is ventilated. There are other benefits to air circulation as well when it comes to wire shelving and storage. The circulation of the air can help combat the buildup of dust as well as dirt. In hospital settings, sterilization becomes very important. This is why it’s also important to ensure that dirt and dust buildup is prevented at all costs.

Stat Tech Surgical’s wire shelving doesn’t just help you store the items you need to store in hospital settings, but it also adds to the cleanliness of the environment as well.


3. Storage Bin


It’s possible to buy shelving systems that come in small parts in the form of storage bins. Wire shelving bins are excellent for storing medical equipment like gauze pads, bandages, and elastic. You can also store medical tape, scrubs, surgical tools, masks, and more.

With the help of wire shelving bins, you can practice batch picking as well. You can also use your wire shelving bin to transport goods, as well as when you’re replenishing your storage. We’ve already talked about how important organization is when it comes to the medical space. Wire shelving enables you to stay organized at work and ensures that all items are properly stored.

Our wire shelving bins can be used not just to store medical equipment but also to transport the same.


4. Clean Appearance


Often, the aesthetic needs of the storage room are compromised in order to ensure more efficient storage. This is even more true when it comes to hospital settings, where the aesthetics of storage rooms aren’t that important.

Even if you aren’t interested in how aesthetically pleasing your storage area looks, you should think about how clean it is nonetheless. This is where wire shelving comes in. It’s easy to clean as well as maintain wire shelving. All you need to do is pay attention to your storage area from time to time. And keep in mind that the ventilation in the wire shelving also plays a role in keeping the shelving free of dirt and dust.

Especially when it comes to hospital settings, people prefer that medical equipment are stored in clean, hygienic areas. Medical staff can find whatever they’re looking for in the storage room at a moment’s glance. You can also enjoy better visibility by using wire shelving to store medical equipment. With wire shelving used for storage in hospital settings, you can ensure that all medical goods are properly and efficiently stored.

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5. High Capacity and Customizable


Wire shelving, in general, has a large capacity. It’s not unusual to find wire shelving that can store as much as 700 pounds or more. How much that wire shelving unit can store depends on the structure of the shelving. The width and depth of the storage system are also essential when it comes to determining its capacity.

Not only does wire shelving come in varieties that have a large storage capacity. But a great benefit to opting for wire shelving is that it’s also highly customizable as well. Shelves can be available in different widths, such as 610mm to 1825mm. These numbers can be ideal when it comes to storage in a laboratory and medical settings.

Do you want wire shelving that allows you to store equipment that is tall or oversized? You can also enjoy flexibility when it comes to deciding the individual height of the shelves. In addition to this, wire shelving units are highly adaptable as well. The steel wire shelves come in different sizes as well as shapes. They can also be used for various different kinds of applications and are versatile as well. Shelves can be raised, and they can also be lowered. You can also add new units or remove a unit or more. The high customizable ability of wire shelving makes it a popular choice in hospital settings.

If you have wire shelving ideas or specifications that you want your wire shelving to be built to, then you can make that happen.




Stat Tech Surgical’s wire shelving units are ideally suited for hospital settings, where cleanliness, as well as organization, take priority. From being customizable to aiding cleanliness, these are the five main benefits of using wire shelving in hospital settings. Use this guide to learn all about what makes wire shelving ideal for your hospital.

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