Crothall Healthcare

Stat-Tech is one of our primary vendors providing us with Sterile Processing storage and transport solutions and they consistently deliver a wide range of products at the highest quality. Their customer service is superb and that
makes them our go-to vendor. We have been using Stat-tech for almost 10 years and have always given high remarks. We appreciate their partnership and applaud their service.

– Afif J. Escheik, BA, CHL, CIS, CER, CRCST, CST

Regional Director of Operations — SPS Division (National)

Stat Tech Surgical Storage Solutions

I wanted to share how appreciative we are of the partnership we have with Stat-Tech Surgical. It goes back over many many years, and I state that because it is rare to find a customer who is much more like a partner today who works harder and is more successful than Stat-Tech Surgical. The relationships they have with their customers demonstrate the trust and loyalty they have in the amazing service they provide. In turn, the opportunities they bring to Stat Tech Surgical by taking us ‘on the inside’ with respect to their forecasts and their needs for inventories and dates required allow us to plan and be successful for them.


The tremendous growth in business that Stat-Tech Surgical has brought to Stat Tech Surgical Storage ensures that Stat-Tech is receiving bar none the best pricing in the industry. While we do not sell our product on price alone, it is vital to be competitive in today’s market, and Stat-Tech’s status in our company ensures top tier discounting and priority inventory availability. We are so appreciative of the partnership we have with Stat-Tech Surgical. We never take it for granted and work hard to earn their business every day. Stat-Tech Surgical is a class act, and we are privileged to have the relationship we do with them.


Dean Cohen

Vice President

Staten Island Hospital

After 20 plus years, Stat-Tech Surgical remains my go-to vendor for storage and other Central Sterile related needs. I see our 20 years working together as a partnership that has proven invaluable to me as a Central Sterile Processing professional and administrator. Brian, Brad, and Paul have shown creative insight, technical skills and commitment to me as a customer that is difficult to find in other vendors. When others simply want to sell the product and walk away, Stat-Tech has consistently supported their products well after the final requisition has been paid.
Hector Ottey Director CRCST

Central Processing Dept